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AZ Home Services Group: The Trusted Toilet Installation Experts You Can Count On!

At AZ Home Services Group in Tempe Arizona, our top goal is to ensure our customers get professional toilet installation services. We know how important it is to have a clean and well-functioning bathroom, which is why we employ a staff of experts in the field of toilet installation. The installation process will go smoothly and quickly because of our team’s years of knowledge and the cutting-edge tools and equipment we utilize. We offer comprehensive toilet installation services, from helping you choose the best toilet for your space to putting in the plumbing and testing it to make sure it works. AZ Home Services Group is a company that takes great pride in its client care, low prices, and high-quality work. You can reach us at any time to arrange a time for us to install a toilet in your home.

Common Problems of Toilet Installation & Replacement

The following are some typical issues that may occur during toilet installation:

  • Leaks: Leaks from improperly built toilets can frequently cause water damage and mold growth.
  • Clogs: If the toilet was installed right, it can be smooth and easy to clear clogs from the pipes.
  • Unstable Toilet: When the toilet rocks or wobbles after it’s been put in, it’s often because it wasn’t put in properly. Over time, this may lead to the toilet breaking or leaking.
  • Cracks: If the toilet isn’t put together right, it could leak or need to be replaced because the bowl or tank cracked.
  • Loose or Damaged Parts: Parts of the toilet may come loose or break over time if they were not put together properly or were not put together at all. This will require more repairs.
  • Sewer Gas Odors: Sewer gas scents may seep into the bathroom if the wax ring or other components are not securely sealed.
  • Water Pressure Issues: If there isn’t enough water pressure, it might be hard to flush the toilet properly, which would make it less effective.
  • Height or Placement Issues: If the toilet is placed or raised incorrectly, it can be uncomfortable to use and cause more plumbing problems.

If you want to avoid these problems, it’s important to hire a qualified company to install your toilet. To make sure that your toilet operates correctly and efficiently, at AZ Home Services Group, we offer professional toilet installation services.

Importance of Professional Toilet Installations

When remodeling or building a bathroom, installing the toilet is a must. Some of the many benefits of professional toilet installation include:

  • Proper Functioning – It is important that the toilet in your bathroom is installed correctly, both for cleanliness and comfort.
  • Water Efficiency – In a time when people are becoming more aware of the need to save water, it is important to install toilets that use less water and save money on utility bills.
  • Improved Aesthetics – Investing in quality toilet installation can boost both the look and value of your bathroom.
  • Comfort – All users must be able to easily reach and use the toilet, so its height and location are crucial.
  • Avoiding Future Repairs – In the long run, you may save both time and money if you make sure the toilet is installed correctly so that you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs down the road.
  • Safety – If a toilet is not installed correctly, accidents like slipping and falling or water damage can happen. This can hurt you or your property.
  • Environmental Impact – It’s common knowledge that conserving water and cutting down on carbon emissions are two more ways in which a properly fitted toilet helps the environment.

Overall, having a toilet that is properly installed is important for several reasons, such as making sure that people using the bathroom are safe and comfortable, using less water, and having less of an impact on the environment. A professional company like AZ Home Services Company in Tempe can make sure that you get good service and that the toilet is put in the right way.

Popular Types of Toilet Installation We Repair

We at AZ Home Services Company fix and install all kinds of commodes. We are able to fix the following common toilet setups:

  • Standard Toilets – Most households have what are known as “standard toilets,” which are the most prevalent type of toilet. Whether it’s a problem with the plumbing or the flushing mechanism, our crew can fix it.
  • Wall-Mounted Toilets – While they take up less floor space and are simpler to maintain, wall-mounted toilets are becoming more common in contemporary lavatories. Our staff is trained to properly set up and fix a variety of wall-hung toilets.
  • Dual-Flush Toilets – Dual-flush toilets help save water because they let you flush liquid waste and solid waste separately. To guarantee optimal operation, our experts can install and fix dual-flush toilets.
  • Pressure-Assisted Toilets – Compressed air is used to help flush waste more effectively, allowing for better water savings. To guarantee proper operation, we are able to set up and fix pressure-assisted commodes.
  • Smart Toilets – Toilets with built-in bidets, heated seats, and automatic lid opening are just some of the amenities available on today’s “smart” models. If your smart toilet isn’t working properly, our professionals can have it up and running in no time.

AZ Home Services Group has the experience and competence to fix or install whatever kind of toilet you have. Get in touch with us right away if you need an appointment set up to get a new toilet installed.

Popular Brands of Toilet Installation We Repair

AZ Home Services Group is capable of repairing and installing any brand of toilet. Popular toilet manufacturers that we service include:

Kohler – is a trusted name in the plumbing world, and their selection of high-quality toilets covers a wide range of preferences and needs. If you have a Kohler toilet and need repairs or an installation, we can help.

American Standard – people’s favorite toilet brand because they last a long time and conserve water. When it comes to American Standard toilets, our technicians are well-trained and know how to install and fix them.

TOTO – is a market leader in the toilet business. They are known for their wide range of stylish and well-made toilets. Our team knows how to fix and install TOTO toilets, so you can be sure that yours will continue to work well.

Delta – is a trusted name in the plumbing business, and it makes a wide range of high-quality toilets in different styles. If you have a Delta toilet and need it fixed or installed, our professionals can do both.

Gerber – It’s no secret that Gerber makes some of the most widely used toilets in the country. For optimum toilet performance, our team is trained to repair and install Gerber products.

Mansfield – is a reputable company that makes toilets in many different styles, materials, and configurations. Our team can do both installation and repairs on your Mansfield toilets to make sure they keep working well.

No matter what brand of toilet you have, you can count on AZ Home Services Group for expert repair and installation services. Get in touch with us right away if you need an appointment set up to get a new toilet installed.

Toilet Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a toilet by myself?

The installation of a toilet in a home is a job that can be done by the homeowner, but it is not without its difficulties. Always consult the product manual and get the help of a trusted friend or family member. Most of the time, you should hire a plumber if you don’t feel comfortable doing this job yourself.

How much should it cost to install a toilet?

There are a number of variables that can affect how much it will cost to install a toilet, such as the model you select, the extent of any plumbing work required, and the plumber’s hourly rate. What you can roughly expect to pay is outlined below:

  • The cost to install a standard two-piece toilet is an additional $100-$300.
  • The cost of a new one-piece toilet can range from $200-$800, not including the installation fee of $100-$300.
  • Installing a low-flow or dual-flush toilet will cost an additional $100-$300.
  • Bidet toilets cost between $800 and $1,500 in total ($800 for the toilet and $100 to $300 for installation).

The prices listed here are just for the cost of the toilet and how it will be installed. They do not include the cost of any plumbing repairs that might be needed. Costs may go up if you need to make major changes to your plumbing, like moving the toilet or putting in new lines.

In order to verify that you are obtaining a reasonable price, it is recommended that you seek estimates from several plumbers. You should also find out whether there are any hidden fees, such as those for materials or permissions.

Does homeowners insurance cover overflowing toilet?

Depending on the situation and the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy, a toilet that overflows may be covered. Most homeowners insurance policies cover unanticipated events like a toilet overflowing due to a plumbing issue or a clogged drain.

Nevertheless, home insurance policies sometimes include exclusions and limitations, so coverage for overflowing toilet damage may be limited. If the toilet overflows due to neglect or willful conduct, your coverage may not cover damages.

Review your coverage with your insurance agent to find out what’s covered. Contact your insurance provider or agent with any coverage issues.

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