Air Conditioning Repair Services in Arizona

We provide high-quality and efficient AC repair services throughout the Phoenix Valley. We want to make sure that wherever you are from Ahwatukee to Wickenburg, you can reach out to us immediately for anything related to your HVAC system and AC repair. Our exhaustive service area is listed below, and we are confident you’re covered within our radius.

ac repair services
ac repair services

What type of AC repairs do you handle?

We focus on a holistic approach to make sure that we can assess the problem and provide a solution to whatever your issue is with your AC. For example, we often repair faulty thermostats. This is a crucial component to ensure that your system is energy efficient and doesn’t have improper readings or sensors that aren’t correctly detecting specific settings.

Aside from thermostat repair, we repair ducts and vents throughout the entire home. With an iterative approach to those ducts and vents, we ensure that there are no tears or blockages throughout the whole system. We’ll check if there’s a deep clean needed to guarantee the air you’re breathing is clean. At the same time, we can assess the airflow setup and see if there are any inefficiencies with the duct and ventilation system. 

Even in that Arizona heat, we know there are still those potentially cold nights that might appear in the winter. We can repair heating system issues throughout the home so that they are as efficient as possible and don’t cause any potential additional damage to your home and HVAC. 

We review and repair entire HVAC systems for more complex homes as well as commercial buildings. With our multipoint checklist for our HVAC maintenance services, our technicians can find any significant faults throughout your HVAC system and start repair after the agreed-upon quote.

    We provide maintenance to reduce repair needs.

    With a robust maintenance schedule, whether it’s HVAC maintenance, heating maintenance, or general AC maintenance, we will spot more minor problems that are quick fixes without the need to wait for them to become larger, costlier problems that may take several days. 

    Even if you AC or HVAC system seems to be doing just fine, it’s better to have multiple check-ins throughout the year to ensure no repairs are needed. These check-ins secure optimal performance for your AC or HVAC system, bringing continued cost savings in your bills each month. 

    Part of these maintenance services include extensive cleaning schedules. Whether it’s to clean ducts and vents, or you have ductless heating that needs to be cleaned from the inside, we’re there for all maintenance work needed to avoid complete AC repairs.

    What other services are provided besides AC repair services and maintenance?

    We have a full range of installation services, from installing thermostats to installing ducts and vents – even simply installing an AC system. We cover every service from installation through repair and maintenance. Installations with AZ Home Services means a consistent, go-to service provider, which makes it easy to assess what type of maintenance is needed long-term. We stand by our work and utilize products of the highest quality during the process of installation. 

    We prevent future needs for HVAC maintenance or AC maintenance and ultimately reduce costly and timely HVAC repairs and AC repairs. If something needs repairs or maintenance, you’ll know who to call!

    AZ Home Services Group is Here for You!

    Don’t take our word for it. Listen to some of the feedback provided by our customers!

    I just got a new AC/heat pump unit installed. It was a stressful situation and decision but AZ Home Services Group made it much easier. I felt supported all the way through. Everything was quick, easy, and stress-free. The new unit is unbelievably quiet! I am very pleased and would recommend AZ Home Services Group.


    Mary Sequoia

    New Air Conditioner

    AZ Home Servies Group was excellent. They arrived on time and explained the issues with my air conditioner. They were courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and gave me financing options to work with and a fair price. I highly recommend them!


    Philip Glacier

    Air Conditioner

    AZ Home Services Group did an awesome job servicing my AC and making some recommendations to increase the effectiveness of our unit. We were able to schedule our appointment right away. AZ Home Services Group is our go-to and always provides great service and the people are knowledgeable. We are very pleased!


    Amy Redwood

    Air Conditioner Service

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