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AZ Home Services Group: The affordable way and secret to a flawless shower installation

At AZ Home Services Group in Tempe Arizona, we know how to install showers in the best way possible for our customers. With years of experience and a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted name in the industry.

Our skilled technicians and installers can put in any kind of shower, from simple replacements to elaborate designs made just for you. We use only the best materials and tools to make sure each project lasts and meets our customers’ needs.

We pay close attention to detail and safety throughout the installation. We aim to exceed customer expectations and provide a bathroom they’ll adore for years.

AZ Home Services Group’s shower installation crew is dedicated to your pleasure. Schedule a free consultation today and let us make your bathroom an oasis.

Common Problems of Shower Installation

There are numerous moving parts in a shower installation, and the process itself can be fraught with complications. The following are some of the most frequently encountered issues with shower installations:

  • Leaks – If a shower is not fitted properly, water can leak out and cause structural damage and mold growth.
  • Improper Drainage – Water might pool on the shower floor and in the surrounding area if the drain is not placed properly.
  • Inadequate Waterproofing – Waterproofing the shower area is crucial to avoiding problems like leaks and mold.
  • Poor Ventilation – Without adequate ventilation, mildew and musty odors can form in the shower area.
  • Incorrect Placement – It can be inconvenient to use and may not drain properly if the shower is not installed in the ideal spot.
  • Faulty Fixtures – Leaks, clogs, and other problems might be caused by low-quality fixtures or fixtures that aren’t put in properly.
  • Incorrect Installation of Wall Surrounds – Unprofessional wall surround installation might result in leaks and costly repairs.
  • Tile Cracking – Poor tile installation can result in water damage and expensive repairs if tiles break or come loose over time.

To avoid these typical issues and guarantee that your shower is done correctly the first time, it is crucial to select a qualified and experienced firm, like AZ Home Services Group.

Importance of Shower Installation

If you want your shower to work well, keep your family safe, and last for years to come, you need to have it professionally installed. Some of the most compelling arguments in favor of setting up a shower are as follows:

  • Functionality – If it’s set up right, a shower will do what it’s supposed to do and give you a nice place to clean up and relax.
  • Safety – Slips, falls, and other accidents are more likely to happen in a poorly installed shower. A well-installed shower will be safe and secure, with features like grab bars and non-slip flooring for those who need them.
  • Water Damage Prevention – To prevent water damage to walls, floors, and ceilings, waterproofing must be done before installing a shower.
  • Comfort and Style – With professional installation, your shower can be made to fit your needs and style preferences. This makes every time you use the bathroom a pleasure.
  • Increased Property Value – A stylish and well-built new shower can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Your bathroom’s safety, efficiency, and beauty all depend on how well your shower is installed. At AZ Home Services Group, we are a skilled and experienced company that can correctly install your shower so you can enjoy the benefits of a well-designed shower.

You can count on AZ Home Services Group to fix any kind of shower you have. Some of the most common varieties of showers that we can fix are as follows:

  • Tile Showers – Tile showers are common because tiles are long-lasting, easy to clean, and look nice. Nevertheless, tiles may eventually become loose, cracked, or otherwise damaged, necessitating repairs or replacement.
  • Fiberglass Showers – Many homeowners like fiberglass showers because they are affordable and require little upkeep. Unfortunately, they can fade in color, get scratched up, or crack and break, necessitating maintenance or a new purchase.
  • Custom Showers – Each homeowner can have a custom shower built to their exact specifications. But sometimes they are difficult to fix and call for experts to step in.
  • Walk-In Showers – Because of their practicality and ease of use, walk-in showers have become increasingly popular. They may, however, be prone to leaks, water damage, and other problems that necessitate maintenance.
  • Steam Showers – Steam showers are like having your own personal spa right in your own bathroom. Yet, fixing them may be difficult and call for specialist knowledge.

No matter how complicated your shower setup is, the skilled professionals at AZ Home Services Company in Tempe, AZ can fix it. We only use the best supplies and tools to bring back the elegance and efficiency of your shower. Get in touch with us immediately for a no-cost consultation, and we’ll see what we can do to restore your shower to its original condition.

Popular Brands of Shower Installation We Repair

There are many different types of showers on the market, but at AZ Home Services Group, we have worked on them all. Among the many brands of shower fixtures that we can fix are:

Kohler is a well-known name in the plumbing business, and they have the best selection of high-end shower systems. Our professionals are trained to fix and maintain any kind of Kohler shower.

Delta is another well-known company that produces fashionable and functional shower systems. Expert repair and maintenance of Delta showers are a specialty of ours, and we take pride in keeping yours in good working order and in pristine cosmetic condition.

Moen For many years, people have relied on Moen to provide them with reliable shower fixtures. We’re familiar with repairing and maintaining both simple and intricate Moen showers.

American Standard – It’s no secret that American Standard makes high-quality showers and other bathroom accessories. All of the American Standard showers we install are serviced and repaired by trained professionals who know how to keep them in good working order for years to come.

Sterling – A variety of high-quality Sterling shower systems can be had for less than you might think. Repairing and maintaining Sterling showers is a specialty of ours, and our professionals have the experience to get the job done right and leave your shower looking fantastic.

Our experts are trained to figure out what’s wrong with any type or brand of shower system in your home and fix it. Get in touch with us immediately for a no-cost consultation, and we’ll see what we can do to restore your shower to its original condition.

Shower Installation Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a shower?

Installing a shower requires the right tools, supplies, and knowledge. How to install a shower:

  1. Prepare the shower area. This may include removing old fittings, building a new framework, and wiring and piping the new room.
  2. The shower’s foundation must be stable and level. Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and seal with mortar or caulk.
  3. Install the shower walls after the base. Installing them may entail screwing or attaching them to studs or a framework and fixing any cracks or seams.
  4. The shower head and knobs must be connected to the original plumbing.
  5. After the shower is set up, seal any holes or seams, connect any trim or accessories, and check for leaks and proper operation.

If you want to make sure the shower is installed correctly and safely, it might be best to call AZ Home Services Group.

How to install a shower head?

Putting in a shower head isn’t too hard and can be done in a few steps. Here’s how to put a shower head in place:

  1. Gather your tools. You’ll need a wrench, plumber’s tape, and a piece of cloth or rag for this job.
  2. Take off the old shower head by loosening it with a wrench and unscrewing it from the shower arm. You may need to use some force, but be careful not to break the shower arm.
  3. Clean the shower arm. Use a cloth or rag to clean the threads of the shower arm and remove any dirt or old plumber’s tape.
  4. Wrap a few layers of plumber’s tape in a clockwise direction around the shower arm’s threads. This will help the shower arm and the new shower head fit tightly together.
  5. Install the new shower head by screwing it onto the shower arm and turning it in a clockwise direction until it is tight. If you need to, use a wrench, but be careful not to tighten it too much and break the shower head or arm.
  6. Test the shower head. Turn on the water and look for leaks or other problems with the new shower head. If there are any problems, you can tighten the connections or move the shower head as needed.

All done! Installing a shower head is a simple and quick DIY project that can help you update your bathroom and make your showers better.

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