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In Arizona, heat comes with the territory. Picture this: it’s summer, 110 degrees and you’ve realized that your AC on max isn’t cooling you down. Don’t panic – call AZ Home Services Group!

Although we service all over the Phoenix Metro and surrounding valley area, we have a special place for our Scottsdale, AZ-based customers. Scottsdale is a prime, thriving location where there’s always hustle and bustle with plenty of activities. 

We’re there for you when you need to beat the heat!

Overlook of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Arizona

Complete AC coverage

Contact us immediately if you have a serious AC repair emergency, and we’ll be there to tackle it. You may need AC repairs for various issues – the longer issue goes unfixed, the longer it’ll be to cool off again. AC repairs are often needed due to a lack of a proper maintenance schedule. 

That’s the first thing we help you with for those in Scottsdale. We always recommend a set HVAC maintenance schedule that’s consistent and periodic throughout the year. This facility will check your heating maintenance and AC maintenance. 

As part of this maintenance, to avoid the need for an AC repair in Scottsdale is to keep the system clean. That means cleaning all those ducts and vents throughout the entire property. It’s essential to clean all the AC units and other components of the overall HVAC system to keep the Arizona dust outside of them and keep everything functioning. 

Once thorough cleanings are done, we can start to see what actually needs to be repaired. We do a step-by-step check of all the components and can fix thermostats, repair heating systems and any damage to the ducts & vents for proper airflow and ventilation. We look at the whole system and can repair your entire HVAC setup if needed.

Residential & Commercial AC Repair

We address both residential and commercial properties in Scottsdale that need AC repair or general quarterly HVAC maintenance. 

No job is too big or small, and we’ll be there to help make your AC feel brand new. No one should have to suffer those potentially harmful hot days in Scottsdale without the modern comfort of a working AC.

Minimize your AC repairs

The best way to reduce how much AC maintenance or repair you need is by having the proper installation done the first time. We fit that bill if you’re looking for high-quality service in Scottsdale, Arizona, for AC installation services. 

We can do an HVAC audit to see what you’ll need to replace and install, or if you want to refit an entirely new HVAC system onto the premises. AZ Home Services Group installs thermostats and heating systems, and even installs all the necessary ducts & vents from the ground up. Our service offering to install ducts & vents still covers both residential and commercial setups. 

By having us handle your HVAC installation from the beginning, we’re able to effectively service and provide HVAC maintenance. Although we always stand by our work, we understand that over time, even the best AC installation will still need some AC maintenance and eventually some sort of AC repair. 

By contacting us for your AC repairs in Scottsdale, we’ll be able to recognize our work and troubleshoot more effectively.

AZ Home Services Group is Here for You!

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to some of the feedback provided by our customers!

I just got a new AC/heat pump unit installed. It was a stressful situation and decision but AZ Home Services Group made it much easier. I felt supported all the way through. Everything was quick, easy, and stress-free. The new unit is unbelievably quiet! I am very pleased and would recommend AZ Home Services Group.


Mary Sequoia

New Air Conditioner

AZ Home Servies Group was excellent. They arrived on time and explained the issues with my air conditioner. They were courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and gave me financing options to work with and a fair price. I highly recommend them!


Philip Glacier

Air Conditioner

AZ Home Services Group did an awesome job servicing my AC and making some recommendations to increase the effectiveness of our unit. We were able to schedule our appointment right away. AZ Home Services Group is our go-to and always provides great service and the people are knowledgeable. We are very pleased!


Amy Redwood

Air Conditioner Service

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