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Water Heater Installation & Replacement In Tempe Arizona

Tempe Hot Water Heater Replacement Services

5-Star Service Guaranteed: AZ Home Services Group’s Water Heater Installation Experts

AZ Home Services Group is a trusted local business in Tempe Arizona that has made a name for itself as an industry leader in water heater installation. Our skilled technicians have worked with many kinds of water heaters, from the tried-and-true tank kind to cutting-edge tankless and hybrid designs. To ensure that the water heaters we install for our customers are both effective and dependable, we make it a point to always be on the cutting edge of the field. Our customers can trust that AZ Home Services Group will provide them with the highest level of service at the most reasonable rates. With our team’s expertise and tools, installing a new water heater or replacing an old one will cause as little disruption as possible to your everyday life.

Common Problems With Water Heater Replacements

The installation of a water heater can be a difficult task with many moving parts and potential obstacles. Some issues that may arise during a water heater installation include the following:

  • Incorrect Sizing – The incorrect size of water heaters is a common issue during installation. Too little hot water will be available if the water heater is too small, and too much energy will be used if it is too big.
  • Faulty Wiring – Bad wiring is another common installation problem that can lead to electrical problems or even the risk of a fire. It is critical that the wiring be installed properly and in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.
  • Improper Venting – A water heater cannot be used safely or effectively without adequate ventilation. Inadequate ventilation can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to build up inside a building.
  • Inadequate Water Pressure – Low water pressure might cause the water heater to work less effectively and lower the amount of hot water that is produced.
  • Leaks – Incorrect connections, broken valves, or other problems during the installation process might lead to water leaks. Damage from leaks can be both visually noticeable and financially draining to fix.
  • Incorrect Placement – To make sure water heaters are safe and work well, they should be put in a place that meets local building codes and offers enough ventilation and access for maintenance. An improper setup might cause performance issues, safety risks, or even wasteful downtime.
  • Improper Temperature Settings – Scalding or inadequate hot water production might result from incorrect temperature settings. During setup, it’s crucial to get the temperature just right.
  • Lack of Maintenance – When water heaters aren’t taken care of properly, they often stop working well and break down before they should. If you want your device to last as long as possible and perform at its best, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance regimen.

Hiring an experienced company like AZ Home Services Group to install your water heater could help you avoid these problems and give you peace of mind that your new water heater will work reliably and safely for many years.

The Importance of Hot Water Heater Installation Pros

The installation of a water heater is essential to the health and efficiency of any dwelling. There are many good reasons to have a professional install your water heater, some of which are listed below:

  1. Consistent Hot Water Supply – A properly installed water heater makes it possible to have reliable access to hot water for showers, dishes, and the like.
  2. Improved Energy Efficiency – Modern water heaters are more efficient than the ones that came before them, so less energy is wasted and money is saved.
  3. Increased Home Value – Investing in a new water heater is a smart move that will pay dividends when it comes time to sell the house.
  4. Enhanced Comfort – Having enough hot water to meet the demands of the home is much more convenient when there is a dependable water heater installation in place.
  5. Avoid Costly Repairs – A water heater that breaks down or gets damaged too soon can cost a lot to fix or replace. Regular maintenance and correct installation can help make it less likely that either of these things will happen.
  6. Safety – If water heaters are installed and maintained properly, they won’t leak gas or give off carbon monoxide, and they won’t cause other problems either.

In the end, installing a new water heater is important for the comfort, functionality, energy savings, and safety of your home. If you want to know that your water heater was installed safely and correctly, call AZ Home Services Group. We will make sure the job is done right.

Popular Types of Water Heater Installation We Repair

At AZ Home Services Company in Tempe, we know how to fix all kinds of water heaters, such as:

  • Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters – Most homes have tank water heaters, which heat water in a big storage tank and distribute it throughout the house via pipes.
  • Tankless Water Heaters – These heaters don’t have a tank to keep water hot and instead heat it as it goes through the system, making it available whenever it’s needed.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters – These water heaters are more energy-efficient because they use electricity to transfer heat from the air or the ground to the water being heated.
  • Solar Water Heaters – These water heaters are eco-friendly because they harness solar energy and use it to warm water.
  • Hybrid Water Heaters – These water heaters are the best solution for large families because they combine the efficiency of a heat pump water heater with the ease of a standard storage tank.

Our experienced experts can figure out what’s wrong with any water heater setup and fix it. Please get in touch with us right away if you’re in need of an appointment with one of our water heater installation and repair specialists.

Popular Brands of Water Heater Installation We Repair

The technicians at AZ Home Services Company are trained to fix water heaters from a wide range of manufacturers. We fix a wide variety of brands, including the following:

  • Rheem: is the market leader when it comes to making water heaters for homes, and they make both traditional and tankless models.
  • Bradford White: is another well-known brand whose water heaters are known for their innovations that save energy and their durability.
  • AO Smith: The water heater brand is known for its high-quality and energy-efficient versions that can be customized to meet the needs of homes of varying sizes and price points.
  • Navien:  When it comes to tankless water heaters, many people opt for Navien because of the brand’s stellar reputation for quality and dependability.
  • State: Water heaters like those from other top-tier manufacturers, come with reliable guarantees and helpful customer service.

Our trained staff can fix and service water heaters from these and other leading manufacturers. Schedule an appointment with our water heater installation and repair specialists today if you’re having problems.

Water Heater Installation Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the water heater installation cost?

There are a number of variables that can affect how much it costs to have a new water heater installed, such as the size and kind of heater, the degree of difficulty of the installation, and the distance from the water source.

From a few hundred dollars for a simple tank water heater to several thousand for a complex or high-end one, the cost to have a new water heater installed can vary widely. It costs more to install a tankless water heater than a traditional tank water heater because of the specific tools and techniques needed.

It’s also important to remember that the price of the water heater isn’t the only thing to think about when planning a water heater installation budget. Materials and supplies, like pipes, fittings, and connections, may also be needed, as well as the cost of any needed permits or inspections.

Contact “AZ Home Services Group” to talk about your demands and budget to get a more precise quote for installing a water heater. If you want to know how much it will cost to have us install your water heater, our staff can provide you with an accurate estimate.

Can I install a water heater myself?

The installation of a water heater is a complicated process that calls for the expertise of a plumber. A licensed plumber should be the one to install a water heater, especially if it runs on gas. If a water heater is installed incorrectly, it can cause significant injuries or expensive property damage.

However, an electric water heater can be installed by the homeowner themselves, provided they are competent with plumbing and electrical systems. It’s vital to familiarize oneself with the local construction laws and regulations, as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines, before beginning the installation. Before commencing any maintenance on the water heater, you should also disconnect the electricity and gas lines from the unit.

Before you try to install a water heater yourself, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions and have the right tools and equipment. Learn about the many water heaters on the market so you can pick the one that is ideal for your household.

How to Replace a Water Heater?

Here are the measures to take when changing out a water heater:

  1. The water heater should have its power source cut off. To stop the flow of gas to a gas-powered water heater, turn off the gas valve.
  2. Remove all the water from the water heater. The water can be drained from the tank by connecting a hose to the drain valve and turning it loose.
  3. The old water heater should have its water and gas lines cut off.
  4. Take down the antiquated water heater and haul it away. Depending on the water heater’s size and weight, this may necessitate the use of a dolly or other lifting equipment.
  5. Make sure the new water heater is level and well-supported, and then place it in the same spot as the previous one.
  6. As instructed, reconnect the water and gas lines to the new water heater.
  7. After turning the gas and electricity back on, test the new water heater to make sure it is working well.

When replacing a water heater, it is critical that you pay close attention to these instructions and all safety measures. If you don’t know much about plumbing or are afraid to try replacing your water heater on your own, you should hire a professional plumber.

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